If the Chimperial tax cuts for the super rich had been allowed to expire in December, we wouldn’t be looking at a default next week. Rushpubliscums wouldn’t be able to hold all of America hostage the way that they held the unemployed hostage to protect the billionaires.

All of you who excused away/and overlooked this monumental failure on the President’s part-what say you NOW? Here we are, a few months later, and the Rushpubliscums are ready to blow the entire country up to protect their rich buddies. What is more, they fully intend to steal what they can from a Social Security fund that (1.) isn’t there’s to begin with, and (2.) is full of Federal IOUS due to previous Rushpubliscum thefts. If they allow the US to default, those IOUs they’ve been chucking in the Social Security trust fund (ironic name) won’t be worth the paper they’re printed on. And those unemployed that the President’s apologists all say he was going to bat for when he gave the rich another goodie bag? A hell of a lot of them are being cut off anyway by Klanbagger Governors.

Got it? Since the President has caved into the far-right fringe each and every time they’ve demanded that he do so, they’ve decided that now they have the “nuclear option” that they can use to REALLY get him to cave. While it is quite correct to be angry at these treasonous pieces of shit, you shouldn’t be too quick to try to excuse the guy who has caved in so often that the Rushpubliscums have become used to it. He’s their enabler. And because he’s their enabler, he bears an enormous part of the blame for what is happening now.

If we’d let those job-killing tax givebacks expire, the landscape right now would look a hell of a lot different. As it looks right now, there is probably no chance that an agreement can be reached, unless the President does like he did back in December and agree to every demand the Rushpubliscums have. And if he does that, he’s toast in 2012. He knows it. If he doesn’t do it, I doubt there will even be a US to hold a Presidential election in 2012. One suspects he knows this as well.

The Democrats who have bent over backwards to excuse this man’s every stupid action are about to get a slap in the face. So are the ones who decided that they’d “punish” the President by not voting in 2010. These two groups, together, hold a certain amount of collective responsibility for the straits we now find ourselves in.

Those of us who kept screaming at the President to end his footsie game with Boehner and McConnell have been largely ignored, even denigrated by the President.  But…. who was right, and who was wrong?

I hope you ask yourself that question a lot over the next few weeks.

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