Grover has an idea here that is quite reasonable. It (1.) lets the Rushpubliscums off the hook for destroying the US, and (2.) gives the President, Junket John, and Mooch even more time to figure out how to let the rich keep their ill-gotten gains.

Yes. Grover is reasonable here. And I agree with him; let the voters sort it out in 2012.

Of course, the Rushpubliscums cannot go along with that idea, because they know as well as I do what happens to their dream of a totalitarian slave state if the voters actually decide.

Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist said Friday night that Republicans should let the debt ceiling go up and take their fight for spending cuts to the voters in 2012. In an interview on CNN right after Speaker John Boehner announced he was abandoning debt talks, Norquist warned against allowing a default, saying, “I assume it’s a disaster.”  “It is gambling with the economics of the country to get that far,” Norquist said. “Rather than close the government down or go into default, let’s take it to the American people, go into the next election, and fix things then.”  At a press conference a few minutes earlier, President Barack Obama had referenced Norquist’s anti-tax pledge — something most Congressional Republicans have signed — and said his offer would have complied with the pledge.  Norquist spoke kindly of the Plan B proposal from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) that would give Obama the power to raise the debt limit by himself.  “I would certainly argue that it is better to let the president to make this decision all by himself as long as there’s not a tax increase and not phony cuts,” he said.


You will see secessions within 6 months of a default. This I promise you, and I am confident enough of this that I’d be willing to bet just about anything I have on it. Of course, that’s a part of the Rushpubliscum plan. Figuring that “it is better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven,” the Rushpubliscums have probed, and sniffed, and they and their Koch allies have already decided which part of the country THEY want. I’m pretty sure that the Midwest, which is increasingly vocal about discontent with the Rushpubliscums, is now out of their reach.

But old Dixie isn’t. And they’ll be tickled pink to be able to go create their third-world hellhole there. At that point, of course, Grover will lose a lot of his dues-paying subscribers, so it isn’t such a great deal for him.

But maybe it is for the rest of us. This kind of insanity can’t be tolerated forever.


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