It isn’t often I find a reason to praise a Rushpubliscum these days, but when praise is due, I believe that it is my time to set aside my usual disparaging tales of Rushpubliscum evil, and highlight something good whenever something good is done.

Yeah, that isn’t often, but here’s one case. I salute Mitt Romney for refusing to knuckle under to the inbred knuckle-dragging racists who make up the Rushpubliscum “base,” and rejecting their hateful, bigoted pledge.

Today, Mitt hit one out of the park. Well done.


Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign said Tuesday that he will not sign a conservative Iowa Christian group’s far-reaching pledge opposing gay marriage, making him the first Republican presidential candidate to reject it.

Two of Romney’s rivals for the Republican nomination, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, have signed the The Family Leader’s 14-point pledge, which calls on the candidates to denounce same-sex marriage rights, pornography, same-sex military accommodations and forms of Islamic law.

When it was first circulated last week, the introduction to the pledge stated that African American children were more likely to be raised in two-parent households when they were born into slavery than they are today. The group struck that language and apologized after black ministers complained, but it said it stands by the rest of the document.

Andrea Saul, a spokeswoman for Romney, told The Associated Press in a written statement Tuesday that Romney “strongly supports traditional marriage,” but that the oath “contained references and provisions that were undignified and inappropriate for a presidential campaign.”

Yes, he hedged, but he still rejected it. This is exactly what we need to see; Rushpubliscum candidates who at least seem to understand that they are being marginalized by a bunch of Neanderthals.

But Romney wasn’t the only Rushpubliscum who took a stand that I appreciate. Senator Oluympia Snowe did something our President, Bushack HW Obama, refuses to do: she pointed out, quite correctly, thatb Social Security and Medicare have NOTHING to do with the present fiscal problems of the US Government.

Don’t look for members of Maine’s congressional delegation to support cuts in Social Security or Medicareas part of the debt limit legislation, but all four say a debt reduction package that includes budget cuts and new revenues is likely.

“There are solvency problems with both programs,” Sen. Olympia Snowe said in an interview on Friday, “They have to be addressed but not as part of the debt reduction talks.”


We’ll see how she actually votes. I hope she doesn’t disappoint.


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