The corrupt sot “Junket John” Boehner’s rallying cry for the 2010 election cycle was “WHERE ARE THE JOBS?!?”

He and his Rushpubliscum brethren were able to ride their rallying cry into a House majority.

And it seems that since then, Junket John and his pals found nearly 7 MILLION jobs.  The only problem is….. they want to GET RID of them.

Who could have known that Boehner was asking where the jobs were so he could cut them? Since he and his bunch took over, their actual intent on jobs couldn’t be clearer. Junket John, and his Klanbagger allies in State Governments, have been on a job-killing jihad since January. About the only other things they have done besides try to get rid of every paying job in America is to reduce women to the status of property and strip voting rights from any American citizen who is likely to vote any way but Rushpubliscum.

At least from now on, we’ll know what the Rushpubliscums mean when they ask about where the jobs are. As Junket John himself said, if their policies get rid of American jobs…



Since the Republicans took control of the House in January, they have made deficit reduction their top priority. However, while Republicans dutifully argue that slashing spending will create a positive “environment for job creation,” their proposed budget cuts will cause significant job losses in the near-term. In just three bills this session, House Republicans have voted to eliminate between 4 and 5 million jobs, with some economists calling their estimates “conservative.” Including proposed legislation that has not yet passed, House Republicans have attempted to eliminate up to 6.7 million jobs.

Political Correction has prepared the following graphic charting the job losses that could result from legislation the House GOP has voted on or introduced since taking the majority in January (click to enlarge):


Seriously…. we need to eliminate about 200 more jobs. In the House of Representatives. And we do that by sending these Rushpubliscum America-haters back to the inbred bailiwicks they oozed out of.

No, the so-called dem in the Executive is no prize himself, but if we sent the right people to Washington, we could probably force him to actually try doing the people’s business, instead of constantly kneeling before bankers and war profiteers. Our only hope for changing the course we are on is to do it from underneath, and that means sending Junket John’s Klanbagger toadies packing.

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