Since the MSM is resolute in its determination to keep from having to report anything that doesn’t line up with the dogma, there’s a pretty good chance you aren’t aware of how serious the situation at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station in Nebraska has become.

A flood wall that was designed to protect the plant from the Missouri River has been breached. As a result, the waters are now swirling around the buildings themselves, and they are only 7 feet from a catastrophic breach. Right now, the waters continue to rise.

Fort Calhoun (indicated by pointer) and its location relative to the City of Omaha

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station sits about 20 miles to the north of the City of Omaha, meaning that there are about half a million people living inside what would surely become a dead zone should Fort Calhoun melt down. If you add to this the still-serious floodwater problem at the Cooper Nuclear Power Station (about 70 miles to the south of Omaha,) the potential for a disaster of inconceivable proportions is with us, right here and right NOW.

The number of people killed or poisoned right away is liable to be sobering, but that is only the beginning. Given that the Missouri River is still raging, the river could carry contamination right on down to the St. Louis area, and then to the Mississippi River, and disaster on an unimaginable scale.


Upper arrow indicates Fort Calhoun Nuclear plant. Lower arrow is St. Louis, where the Missouri empties into the Mississippi.

It won’t take a whole lot of contamination to utterly destroy AT LEAST the Missouri River between the two points highlighted on the above map. It won’t take a hell of a lot more contamination to utterly destroy EVERYTHING acquatic between Fort Calhoun and New Orleans. And lest we forget, millions of people get their drinking water from the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. That, of course, will be impossible for eons in the event of meltdown at either Fort Calhoun OR Cooper, which usually sits about a mile from the Missouri, except during flood times. And I don’t even want to think about the groundwater, or the cropland.

30 years after Chernobyl, the Germans are STILL killing contaminated wild boars. Fukushima, which is certainly worse than Chernobyl, is just beginning its poisonous journey. And now, in the American heartland, the potential for a dual-disaster nuclear Armageddon is looking us square in the face.

The NRC regularly renews Cooper’s license, and Cooper is 37 years old, and past the lifetime it was actually designed for. Fort Calhoun is also 37 years old, and long in the tooth itself, even WITHOUT these problems. But these two examples are the norm, rather than the exception; the NRC has extended the lifetimes of just about all of the plants that have asked for renewals, whether or not the plant should have been taken offline. This is insanity. The people who keep insisting that nuclear power is “clean” are morons. Nuclear power is anything but clean, and for-profit nuclear power ensures that disasters are going to be part and parcel of nuke power.

It’s time for us to start shutting them down, and keeping them down. Perhaps, we can do smaller-model pebble bed reactors at a future date, but we need to scrap just about every existing nuclear plant in the US. Now.

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