The Rushpubliscum Party has relentlessly used the destroyed WTC site for their fearmongering propaganda purposes, essentially showboating on a graveyard. Of all of the disrespectful things that Chimpy, Cheney, and the rest of the Rushpubliscums did to keep their offices, this is perhaps the most disgusting one of all.

Like the President or hate him, the manner in which he conducted himself at the WTC site was dignified, subdued, and respectful. In other words, he carried himself in precisely the opposite manner of the Rushpubliscums.

Hopefully, this will end once and for all the election cycle Rushpubliscum grave dancing on the memories of thousands of innocent people. I doubt seriously that most of those who were killed that day would have appreciated being trotted out as props for the purpose of scaring Americans into cutting their own throats.


The 2002 midterm elections, conducted even as Bush was resisting the creation of a commission to investigate the events that led to 9/11 (he relented shortly thereafter), turned to a great degree on whether Democrats possessed enough resolve to protect America. Two years later, when his own electoral number came up, Bush went straight for the jugular, that March releasing three different television ads that used Ground Zero imagery—the towers’ wrecked carcasses, the firefighters combing the smoldering ruins. There was the selection of New York as the GOP’s 2004 convention site, the purpose of which was obvious. There were even ghastly plans afoot in Pataki land for Bush to be able to lay the cornerstone of the new development at Ground Zero during the convention—that is to say, during the most overtly political event on the American calendar. Fortunately, saner heads prevailed, and the apathetic pace of Manhattan redevelopment would have prevented it in any case.

Starting today, they can’t use it anymore. How it must grate their cheese that it was Barack Obama—crypto-Kenyan, effete urbanite, paller-around-with-terrorists—who turned these tables! What’s been playing out in the four days since the killing of Osama bin Laden—the Republican insistence that Bush deserves credit too, the claim that torture must be given its due, and all the rest—is equivalent to, and about as charming as, a bully’s incredulity that a smaller but nimbler foe has bested him. The seminal event, of course, was bin Laden’s death. Today’s appearance by Obama simply provides the symbolic capstone. It’s no wonder that Bush snappishly sees today’s event, according to a New York Daily News story, as an Obama “victory lap.” Ground Zero was his. Now it’s not. (Imagine the ceremonial orgiastics we’d probably be enduring right now if Bush or John McCain had brought OBL to justice.)

The Rushpubliscum Party, deprived of its most important stage prop, is in a pretty good peck of trouble at the moment; if you combine the annihilation of Osama bin Laden with the rising anger at Rushpubliscum attacks on women, working people, and the poor, 2012 may be an ugly year for them. Their “Lamest Generation” base is dying off, and they have absolutely NOTHING to offer to younger voters who are looking for some point of sanity, or even intelligence, in the political mix of America.

They’ve got to find a new fear card to play. It will be interesting to see if they can find something that is even more frightening than they are to use as a bogeyman.


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